What's 3rd-party reporting?

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If you decide not to report a sexualized assault to the RCMP, you've the option to use 3rd-party reporting. Third party reporting is when trained professionals report your experience with sexualized assault to the RCMP. The RCMP receive a report about the crime while you stay anonymous.

Who can use 3rd-party reporting?


  • of any gender who are 19 years of age or older; and
  • who want to have the assault recorded in case they want an investigation later.

How is your information handled?

  1. Information about the assault is documented with trained staff at the Women’s Transition Home or Victim Services.
  2. Information is then provided to the RCMP without your name.
  3. The RCMP keeps the record of what happened.
  4. You can use the record if you want to report the sexualized assault later.

What if the assault happened a long time ago?

You can use 3rd-party reporting if the:

  • sexualized assault happened in the past; or
  • victim is an adult, now, but the assault happened when they were under 19 years of age.

Why is 3rd-party reporting important?

It allows the RCMP to:

  • track repeat offences by the same perpetrator; and
  • connect with other victims who decide to report, or go through the court system.

How do you use 3rd-party reporting?

You can phone the support line for 3rd-party reporting, toll free: 1-844-967-7275.

You can contact:

  • Victim Services
    • Whitehorse
      • Phone: 867-667-8500
    • Dawson City
      • Phone: 867-993-5831
    • Watson Lake
      • Phone: 867-536-2541
  • Women's Transition Home
    • Whitehorse
      • Phone: 867-668-5733

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