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If you are not sure what to do

With the Sexualized Assault Response Team (SART), the choice is yours. You can access our services in Whitehorse if you or someone you know has experienced sexualized assault.

There is no pressure to access services. They are available to you whether you are in a time of crisis or responding to a past trauma. 

Services include:

Everyone's experience is different

We understand that each person’s experience of sexualized assault is different. That's why we aim to provide care that'll meet your needs. We’re here to walk alongside you on your path forward, whatever that path is for you.

If you're unsure of what you want to do or need to feel supported, you have options.

Phone our confidential support line

Find out about our confidential support line. You can speak to trained staff to support you with accessing services. We are here to listen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Yukon wide.

Phone toll free:


Get medical support

You can go to the Whitehorse General Hospital to receive medical care. While at the hospital, you can choose the type of exam.

  • You can consent to as much or as little of the exam as you would like.
  • You do not have to talk about the assault.
  • You can say which parts of your body need medical attention.
  • You can say which areas of your body you do not want to be examined.

What if you do not want to report a sexualized assault now?

You can use 3rd-party reporting.

  1. You provide information about the assault to a support worker.
  2. The support worker gives the information to the RCMP, without including your name.

This way, there will be a record of what happened if you want to report to the RCMP at a later date.

You can ask for a "kit on ice"

You can ask for a sexualized assault “kit on ice”. This means the medical staff will examine you and collect samples as evidence of the assault. You can choose whether the samples and the report will be:

  • stored for up to 1 year at the hospital; or
  • sent to the RCMP right away.

If you want to report the crime

If you want to report the crime, you can contact the RCMP for a criminal investigation. A support worker can go with you when you report to the RCMP.

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