What happens when you report to the RCMP?

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The Sexualized Assault Response Team (SART) can support you if you've experienced sexualized assault. If you decide to report the assault, there's a process the RCMP will lead you through.

A support worker can work with you to report the assault. If you do not want to make a formal report but would like the RCMP to know about the assault, you can use 3rd-party reporting.

What will happen when you phone the RCMP?

When you phone 911 or your local RCMP detachment (local prefix plus 5555), a dispatcher will collect information from you.

They may ask for your:

  • name;
  • address;
  • phone number; and
  • location.

They may also ask:

  • why you're calling;
  • if you're safe; and
  • if you're in need of emergency medical care.

The RCMP need this information to determine their level of response.

What will happen when you walk into an RCMP detachment?

You can make a report in person at any Yukon RCMP detachment. You can bring a support person with you.

You can make an RCMP report at any time after a sexualized assault. The RCMP will conduct investigations on all sexualized assaults that are reported.

What happens when you walk into a RCMP detachment:

  1. The RCMP will ask if you would like a SART support worker to be contacted at the start of the investigation. You can choose who you would like to be there to support you.
  2. The RCMP will ensure that your medical needs are addressed before starting the report. If needed, they will take you to the hospital. From there:
    • a nurse or physician will conduct necessary treatment;
    • a sexualized assault examination may take place to collect evidence, if you consent; and
    • the RCMP will not be there during the treatment or examination.
  3.  Normally, a RCMP officer in uniform will be the 1st responder to your complaint. If you prefer an officer of a specific gender or identity, the RCMP will try to accommodate your request. An officer of a specific gender may not be immediately available.
  4. The RCMP will ask some initial questions, which may be necessary in order to:
    • identify and apprehend the offender; or
    • obtain evidence.
  5. When you're ready, an officer will record your statement of what happened. The RCMP ensure that when this happens, you're comfortable and feel safe.

The RCMP's role in a sexualized assault investigation

Yukon RCMP is dedicated to investigating incidents of sexualized assault:

  • promptly;
  • thoroughly;
  • with sensitivity; and
  • without bias.

In addition to your statement, the RCMP will ask all potential witnesses to the crime to provide a statement of what happened.

The RCMP will gather and preserve all evidence that may include:

  • clothing;
  • footwear; or
  • cellphone records from both you and the offender.

the RCMP will:

  • ensure all avenues of investigation have been covered; and
  • will submit all information to the Crown Prosecutor.

The RCMP will work together with the Crown to determine the next steps.

The RCMP officer assigned to your case will be your main contact throughout the process. You'll be told if your case needs to be reassigned.

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